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this is just a place where i can vent all of my skyrim feels instead of on my main blog. because you know. dragons. that's why.

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30 day coloring challenge: day 12

create a coloring utilizing a filter layer (x)
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  • “Fixed rare instance of couriers who would appear only dressed in a hat”




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walking through skyrim with the music turned down and the sound of dragons in the distance is so peaceful and perfect

a dragon sat on me and i died this is glorious

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how does anyone in skyrim take my dragonborns seriously??

npc 1: who is that in the field?
npc 2: oh….that’s the dragonborn. she’s the hero of skyrim and tamriel.
npc 1: what is she doing?
npc 2: she’s uh…she’s eating bees.

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The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion

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I AM SO THANKFUL YOUR BLOG EXISTS thank you!! I love this this is just what I need always u r beautiful

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