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this is just a place where i can vent all of my skyrim feels instead of on my main blog. because you know. dragons. that's why.

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YES! The music started playing and I noticed it was a little different. I was like, I GOTTA TURN THIS SHIT UPPP! But then kodlak got eaten by alduin so I felt a little bad about that (ps- is that supposed to happen? I've already completed the Glory of the Dead quest. Will I ever see him again?)


yess so epic ugghhh

but with the kodlak thing hmmmmm… i know that if you charge ahead of the others during the battle then kodlak might help you fight alduin but aside from that i’m assuming everything is just random script occurences. so if he got eaten(?) then he probably won’t show up anymore after that since you can’t go back to sovgarde sorry ): 

you have an amazing blog! im literally reblogging like everything on my skyrim blog rn hahaha. anyway hope you have a good day and keep blogging! it's hard to find quality skyrim blogs and you're def one of them! so thank you :)

masdkjghadkjgha thank you! i’m glad hahahaha, and i will! hope you have a great one too :3

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I've been playing Skyrim for a while but I just now made it to Sovngarde today and it was SO CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!


yes it was!! i was blown away the first time i got there too, and i wasn’t playing with any mod enhancers either. and the MUSIC!! ahhhhh it’s jsut so epic and great akldjhgkjahdgkjahgfghjgjg

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SUPER BLOG! Everything here is quality, I'm do glad I found you! Thank you for you hard work


awww, shucks, thanks so much nonnie!! :33

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